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Starish ☆ Dreams

Graphics Community

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Graphics Community
Everytime I look, I thought you were there
But it was just my imagination
I wanna go to a place where I can say

"I'm all right, and I'm staying there
...with you"

★ A B O U T ★

Hello there, and welcome to starishdreams
You`ll find graphics, especially icons and manga colorings, in this community. Feel free watch the community if you like what I make. ;D
Thank you for taking your time to visit this community! ♥

★ R U L E S ★

★ Please credit hoshi10 or starishdreams if you are going to use the graphics.
★ Do not claim the graphics that I make as your own.
★ Do not HOTLINK, please.

★ Thank again, and enjoy. :D

★ L I N K S ★

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profile graphics & layout by herinia @ crysella